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Best Off Road Electric Scooter

Noticed all the hype around off-road electric scooters and wondering what it’s all about?

You’d have to have been living under a rock to have not heard all of the buzz for the recent dirt focused e-scooter trend, and in today’s post, we’re going to dive into the topic.

Petrol scooters of the same layout have been around for years and offered some great fun for their owners. An off-road scooter can provide fantastic casual fun for adults and kids alike. It’s nothing like serious dirt bike riding, the barrier to entry is low and the opportunity for light-hearted fun is very high.

An off road electric scooter only amplifies these traits, being electric you don’t have to worry about the noise of the engine disturbing other people, and they can be extremely discrete compared to their old petrol counterparts. So what’s the catch?

Petrol Scooters vs E-Scooter

Petrol scooters we’re certainly not known for their speed or performance, although standing bent-knee at full throttle, these things can build up some speed which feels somewhat unnatural in their standing riding position.

Most petrol scooters use a small 2 stroke piston motor, similar to that found in some pit bikes or small dirt bikes. They tend to have a displacement between 50cc and 100cc, with most coming in around the 70cc mark.

All terrain electric scooter offroad

This gives them a modest top speed of around 35mph (56kph), which isn’t a lot despite their lightweight construction. As the engines are generally 2-stroke they absolutely thrive on revs too and have very little low down torque. This was always a bit of a limiting factor when trying to off road them.

E-scooters on the other hand are very different animals, the torque problem is completely solved by strong electric motors ranging from 600w to 2400w, which provide instant torque. This gives them a distinct off-the-line performance advantage, in the same way electric cars have.

Petrol Scooter Pros & Cons

  • Cheaper to buy
  • Very fast to refuel
  • Requires regular and involved maintenance
  • Can’t be used in public places without upsetting others

E-Scooter Pros & Cons

  • Faster and with much better off road performance
  • More expensive to buy
  • Can be used anywhere and everywhere without issue
  • Long charging times
  • Expensive to buy a top of the range variant

Electric Scooter Top Speed

The extra torque makes these scooters the most off-road friendly scooters ever made and equipped with chunky wheels they can propel you down a dirt track or across a lawn at a heck of a pace.

Electric scooter top speed peaks at around 47mph (76kmh) for the larger motor variants, dependent on what type of terrain you’re on.

For a fun vehicle in this format, those numbers are more than enough and you won’t find yourself wishing for more shove while on the trail, in fact, you probably won’t feel the urge to ride an e-scooter flat out everywhere, unlike their petrol counterparts.

Along with the fact you don’t have the shrill 2-stroke noisy soundtrack while riding and don’t need to fool around with jerry cans of fuel to enjoy it, these off road electric scooters seem more and more like a no-brainer.

Further to that, servicing the motor will be a thing of the past. Where 2-stroke motors require frequent oil changes, carefully pre-mixed fuel, and even require a rebuild every so often. Electric scooters are literally plug-and-play.

Depending on the size of the lithium battery, you can be away with a full charge within hours and down a walking trail or public bridal way.

What to look for in an off-road scooter

With all these positive points for all terrain electric scooters in general, it can still be a minefield when it comes to purchasing one. You’re probably quite used to comparing normal engined vehicles to each other, but it can be very difficult to compare an offroad electric scooter to its petrol counterpart and feel like you have a fair apples-to-apples comparison.

Electric Scooter Range

The first key point to look out for with electric scooters is the battery size. Although historically these vehicles are just for fun, these vehicles are so inconspicuous and subtle compared to the petrol versions that you will find yourself wanting to hop on it to the shop, or to a friends house.

This being the case, you will want to be very mindful about range, nobody wants to push one of these things home.

All off road scooters for adults use lithium-ion battery technology to keep things compact, and the larger batteries which come fitted are around the 60 Volt / 25AH mark, which usually equates to around 55 miles depending on speed and terrain.

off road e-scooter on dirt track

In truth, this is probably a lot more than you’re likely to get off-road, but on the pavement at a steady pace, it’s feasible.

Other factors to look out for when selecting an all terrain electric scooter can be very dependent on how you intend to use it. Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Motor size and power output
  2. Battery size and range
  3. Charging time
  4. Suspension travel and off-road capability
  5. Warranty and availability of parts
  6. Extra features such as road lights
  7. How small it can fold up

The Best Off-Road Electric Scooters

As previously mentioned, selecting the best one really depends on how you intend to use your off road scooter. If youre someone who intends to use it just for fun around a farm then you’ll probably be looking for maximum off road performance with a large motor and decent suspension travel, but wont be as concerned about the range.

If you’re looking to commute on one down a walking path then youre most likely to want the security of range and the convenience of lights, far above out-right speed and power.

We’ve put together a selection of the most popular e-scooters currently on the market. Each of these is an excellent choice, but comparing the performance spec sheet is the only way forward in narrowing down your selection.

  1. Our top of the range pick is the Yugen RX12 60v, this scooter can really do it all, from off-road thrills to the daily commute.
  2. In 2nd place is the Zero 9 60v electric scooter. This is a more modest scooter but very stylish and sleek in its design, offering great value considering its off-road capabilities.
  3. In 3rd place is the Chaos 48v electric scooter. This is an excellent budget option and provides the perfect entry-level offering. This scooter is less off-road focused but makes up for it with the option of a seat.

We hope this article brought you up to speed on the world of the off road electric scooter. If you have any further questions on the topic, feel free to get in touch or post in the comments section.

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