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If you are a parent and you are wondering about getting your kid a quad bike and want to make sure you are getting the right model considering their age and experience.

This guide is intended just for you. See there are quite a few things to consider when it comes to kids quad bikes such as the size of the engine, whether to get it used or brand new, what is a reliable ATV that won’t keep breaking down on you and so on. 

You can start by checking out the awesome range that are on offer here of Kids Quads.

But for now – let’s get right into it.

When Should a Kid Start Riding an ATV?

You can actually get 6v, 12v and 24v battery ATVs that are aimed at kids as young as 3 and younger. Of course, they are bordering on more toy at this stage rather than an actual gas powered quad bike. When it comes to gas powered quads – you will find the smallest range tends to be around the 50cc mark and they got all the way up to 125cc and beyond – at which stage they start to become more targeted towards adults. 

Recommended Age By Engine Size

So you should find that each model has a recommended age of the rider that it is intended for and you should be checking that out first before following this rough guide (this is just based on general guidelines). 

12v Battery (Ages 6 and under)

As we mentioned, when it comes to 3 and younger – you will be looking at battery and voltage – again, each model will come with a recommended age that it it’s intended for. 

50cc (Ages 6 to 10)

Then the lowest powered gas model comes in at around the 50cc mark, these are generally intended for those at a minimum go 6 all the way up to 10. If your kid is 10 and they are experienced with motocross already – it is likely that they won’t have a lot of ‘growing’ room into this vehicle – whereas a 7 year old who is brand new – this could be an ideal range.

125cc (Ages 10 to 16)

Now these are models that are considerably more powerful than the 50cc model, however, isn’t quite there in comparison to the models aimed at adults. This is where we are going to guess most parents who are reading this article are going to want to be looking at when it comes to ATVs. If they are 16+ it might start to be worth looking at a 250cc model. 

However, one aspect that we would recommend you consider is not just the age of the actual rider but the experience (is this their first time motorsports?) as well as how much capacity have they got to grow into the vehicle and how much actual use of it are they going to get? These are just a couple of things we recommend that you consider before going ahead and getting a model. 

Of course, one crucial aspect to consider is the actual law, however, a model sold in the United Kingdom will abide by this – but it is worth double checking – and make sure it is up to date. 

Safety Precautions 

  • Equipment

This is a given. You need to make sure that your child is wearing all the recommended safety equipment such as a helmet and body armour outfit. Their safety comes first and you are advised by the manufacturer of the kids ATV to wear the gear as well as some local laws for wherever you are riding. Make sure you are abiding by them and make it clear to your child that it’s incredibly important. 

Kids quad bike ATV helmet and safety equipment
  • Maintenance

The ATV is likely going to need regular maintenance to make sure that it works in an efficient and effective manner also. The maintenance for the vehicle should be dictated in the handbook that accompanies the model such as regular oiling, cleaning, testing of tires and suspension. If there is something that seems wrong and you’re not able to properly fix it yourselves, then it would be best to call the manufacturer for a recommended mechanic in your area to take a look (to ensure you are still in warranty).

  • Where Can You Ride

Now, you need to have a few thoughts on where your kid actually might ride the ATV – do you have some private land that you can ride on? A friend or neighbour’s land, that they are happy for you to ride on? Some public land that is permitted for ATVs? Of course, you can’t just go riding anywhere without specific permission.

The good news is that there are many off-road tracks you can load up and head off to. Lots of these are ideal for quad bikes and motocross bikes alike and well maintained with marshalls on site. You can take the whole family and make a day of it, these are some of the safest ways for children to get into quad biking or off-roading dirt bikes.

  • Supervision

The younger they are, the more supervision that they are going to need when riding an ATV. Especially if it is gas powered and they are on the younger side. Again, it might very well be a recommendation that is necessary. This is something we would again, we would advise looking into.

While riding quad bikes can be enormous fun to do, it’s not to be taken lightly. Even though kids quad bikes are small and low powered compared to their full size equivalents, they have enormous power compared to the human body.

The most effective way to keep the fun as safe as possible is proper adult supervision. You must keep reminding yourself that prevention is better than the cure when it comes to biking accidents and be vigilant.

Where to Find One For Sale?

Now you have got two routes to go down when it comes to buy an ATV – you either want to get on online or offline. Personally, we recommend you explore all your options. Carry out the research online – which you are doing right now – and then if you can go check out the model you like the look of in real life then that’s great – but if you can’t just make sure to carry out your due diligence and check out proper reviews. Then of course scout around to get the best price. 

New or Used

There are certainly pros and cons to both. It can be tricky weighing up all the variables – price, warranty, maintenance issues – of course you will generally find the following occurs. You are able to scout out a good model online that is brand new and is backed with warranty. Then for a second hand model, you will be able to find it at half the price but a little worn and out might require some additional upkeep. 

We recommend the following: 

If your child is looking to get a good bit of use out of it. For example, they are 7 and already very keen on motocross – getting a brand new 50cc ATV is likely to give you a lot of value in return. If you might think it is a bit of a phase and they are getting past 9, then a used 50cc might be your best bet due to the lack of potential use. All in all, a difficult one to call. 

Now, although we have covered quite a lot of points above – we are bound to have missed something that might be particularly relevant to you – so of course, if you do have any questions that we might not have covered above – then please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Whether it is over a particular model that you might be considering, or perhaps where you might consider buying it from?

At The Offroaders we are more than happy to help – simply get in touch with us in the comments section just below – and we will reply as soon as we can to help you out.

If there are any specific models you think we should mention or check out – then let us know as well.

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