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Our Top 5 Kids Petrol Go Karts

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Are you thinking about getting your kid a mini petrol go kart (or more likely – they are bugging you for one), well although they are indeed a lot of fun. There’s quite a few things to think about for a junior rider. 

For instance, are you going to be buying the go kart or building it yourself? Where are they going to ride it? Will it be road legal? And so on. This is why we have written up a rather mega guide to mini go karts for kids and just to give you a few things to think about before going right into a purchase you might regret. 

So let’s get into it. 

  • Motor Size

One of the first aspects you want to consider is motor – and more specifically the size of the motor, they usually sit between 80cc and 100cc for a kids size motor. You will have to of course think about the experience and age of your kid with regards to rules and legalities (especially if you decide to take on a DIY project), however, if you are buying a branded model – you will get provided with the relevant information to make a more informed decision on this end.

  • Gear Mechanism 

Gears in a go kart and typically pretty simple so it’s great for kids to use. They generally operate on an automatic gear frame or with a simple, forward – neutral – reverse platform. So this is great for kids who are new to the world of motocross and want something to level up into before they start taking on more serious vehicles.

  • Maintenance

Of course, with a gas/petrol go kart as opposed to an electric one – there is going to be a fair bit of maintenance involved with the go kart. You can find a general checklist here: 

  1. Checking Tyres 
  2. The Frame is in place 
  3. Engine is operating correctly 
  4. Wheels are in check
  5. Ensure the seating is in check
  • Price Point 

When it comes to the price point of kids petrol go karts, they can vary quite considerably – especially if you take into account DIY projects as well. A brand spanking new top line brand will probably cost you in the region of £750 for a decent model. Whereas a DIY one where you get the parts – could  be as low as £300 if not lower. 

Of course, there are a few trade offs you are making there. Sure, it costs more, but will it need as much upkeep? Will it come with a guarantee? Is your child safer? 

  • New or Used?

Another aspect to consider is whether you need to even get the petrol go kart brand new. There are plenty of models you can get around dealerships and online sites such as eBay and Gumtree where you can pick up a second hand version of a kids petrol buggy – just again you need to consider the trade off aspects for the vehicles that you are looking at. 

Road Legalities

Now, of course, you need to consider the road legalities when it comes to driving around in a petrol go kart. You as an adult can’t simply drive around on the road without the vehicle being deemed roadworthy. You can visit The Road Vehicles guide here. That said, it is of course, not legal for children to be driving on the road. 

We urge you to carry out your due diligence in this regard and make sure that your kid is safe both in terms of the protective gear they are wearing, supervision taken and the landscape that they are driving the go kart. 


Look to ensure that there are also a number of safety features that are being integrated into the go karts as well such as roll over bars, seat belts and a clear distance away from the floor. Moreover, you need to make sure that your child is wearing the right protective gear when driving the go kart too. 

You should be investing in motocross specialist helmets, jackets, boots, neck rolls, driving goggles (and eye protective wear) and trousers. If you are buying a brand new go kart (which is generally what we tend to lean toward recommending from a safety stand point) then be sure to read through the instructions and any suggestions too. 

DIY Kits

For those of you who are wanting to try and make a petrol go-kart yourself, there are a number of great guides out there on how to do just that. One of our favourites on show that you can take some guidance from is on the Creative Channel:

Of course, there are a number of kits you can specifically buy as well that provide you with all the necessities and the guide book on how to put it together as well. 


Now by no means, is this meant to be an exclusive guide – that said – we are trying to make it one, so we will be adding further content to the guide and doing our best to keep this information up to data (as best we can). That said, it’s always the case that there are some aspects that we have forgotten to mention that you are aware of – if that’s the case – we would love to hear your feedback in the comments. 

We will be more than happy to approve and get back to you on it and then of course incorporate it into the guide itself to help further future readers out as well. 

If you do go ahead and buy a go kart for your child, let us know what model and set up you decided to go for – it would be great to hear how it has worked out for you. 

Of course, if you have any potential questions with regards to any of the aspects mentioned above and where you would like us to go into more detail – please do let us know – either by getting in touch through the comments or our contact page.

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