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Top 5 Electric Ride On Toys

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Have you got a little one who wants to get in on the electric ride on toys action and already showing a keen interest – but perhaps they are just a bit too young to hop on to anything ‘serious’ for the time being? Well investing in an electric ride-on toy – could be a great way to get them introduced to the motocross  world but still be safe. 

There are a whole range of great electric ride on toys for kids that you can choose from too.  Whether it be an actual car,  mini ATVs, battery-powered bikes and more. Let’s take a look at some of the options that you have in the ride-on-toy world to get your kid having lots of fun as they take up the driver’s seat. 

#1 Battery Powered Mini Car 

There are a whole range of great mini powered cars that you can choose from. They tend to look like the real thing, of course, scaled down to just fit one kid in and battery powered. 

For instance, you can pick up a Tesla Model S for kids as well as Range Rover, that all come in around the £500 mark. Granted, might be a bit on the more expensive side for when it comes to electric cars for kids but there is certainly a great novelty aspect that the adults can enjoy too from there kid riding around such cars. Especially, if it matches your current vehicle. 

#2 Ride on Battery Motor Bike

When it comes to battery bikes – you have probably the widest range of all the options you see here – you can go for the classic ‘model like ride on bike’ that matches the look of a Ducati or you can get more of a motocross style that will actually offer some more practicality on the ride. 

They come with a wide range of prices too and that reflects in generally the motor size, size of the bike and how ‘good’ the actual ride is. Some are more for show in terms of look than actual use. So that’s something to weigh up when trying to select a model. Is your child more interested in the overall look of the bike or the actual enjoyment of the ride itself? 

#3 Battery Quad

This is where you have the most wide range of options. You can have small 250w quads all the way to 800w. The more powerful they are the more aged, bigger and experienced the rider has to be. However, an electric model ATV certainly has its benefits over a standard gas quad. 

The main few for when it comes to kids is that they are generally safer, easier to use and also require much less maintenance. These are all three distinct advantages that an electric ATV can offer compared to a 50cc or 110cc ATV. Got to be said, there isn’t that much on price either.  

Charging an electric ride on toy

#4 Electric Powered Jeeps & UTV 

In fairness, these could have been apart of the ‘car’ category but these type of electric rideable toys tend to offer a more substantial riding performance – in the way that they can handle being off road more effectively (at least relative to other toys). 

You will certainly see that they aren’t all that cheap either. Mainly due to the fact that they are built to carry an extra passenger too alongside them and they can pick up a fair bit of speed (probably a little more than you might anticipate) but heck they do look like a lot of fun too. 

#5 Electric Ride on Tractor 

This is also a classic toy, especially if you’re more inclined towards the country. Getting a mini make shift John Deere style tractor and perhaps even a trailer to accompany the back is a sure-fire way to get your kid rather excited as they scoot across the garden. 

You’ve got a whole range of options when it comes to ride on tractors with various sizes and power – it just depends on how far you want to take it. I mean, let’s take this Peg Perego John Deere 12v Ground Force Ride On Tractor With Trailer – what kid is not going to love riding round in this?

Safety Aspects For Electric Ride On Toys

Although, these electric ride on toys are built to be incredibly safe – as they are specifically aimed at children. There are still a few safety precautions that you should be aware of and it is something you are going to need to consider when purchasing the model. You should find the specific safety recommendations with each toy that’s produced, however, just some general aspects:

  • They should be bought with the age of the user in mind (if the toy is intended to be a minimum age of 6, this is a recommendation that should be adhered to). 
  • They should ride the vehicle supervised by an adult to make sure that they aren’t going to damage anything or hurt anyone. 
  • If appropriate they should also be wearing the protective gear necessary to make sure that they are also safe too. 

Now, we should teach kids to be safe but at the same time – encourage the adventure and fun side of the toy – otherwise, what’s the point? 

Where Should You Get One? 

Generally, the best place to start conducting your research is online and testing it out in real life if you can. However, in our experience the best deals are to be found online if you are wanting to purchase new. You can probably pick up a much cheaper model in real life, however, you are running the risk of ‘how long will it last’ and your options are much narrower. 

Of course, if you do have any questions about any of the different options we discussed when it comes to electric ride on toys for kids, then just get in touch with us through the comments below.

Whether you have some additional insight or a specific recommendation or just wanting to know more – we will be sure to get back to you right away to help point you in the right direction to get your kid just the right toy for them to ride around in.

If you have a favourite ride on toy model in mind that we haven’t mentioned, make sure to let us know in the comments section too.

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