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5 Best Electric Quad Bikes (Adults & Kids)

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When it comes to electric quad bikes there is literally an option for almost everyone. They vary in a number of aspects including the overall frame structure, wheel size, and of course power. There are ATVs specifically built for kids (in a range of ages) to full-sized adult electric ATVs too. Plus, there is a whole range of manufacturers to consider as well. 

In this Electric Quad Bike guide we look through all the different aspects to consider when purchasing a model – to make sure that you are getting the perfect one for you. 

What is an Electric Quad Bike? 

Although ATVs have been around for a long while (dating as far back as the late 1800s), the ‘Electric’ ATV is a rather new phenomenon – that has been made all the more popular by the recent Cyber Truck – touted to be released by Tesla. There are however currently a range of legacy makers that have transitioned from traditional gas ATVs into electric such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and more with powerful battery technology and electric motors. 

Advantages of an Electric Quad Bike

So you might be asking why make the change at all? Well there are a number of advantages that can come with owning an electric powered quad over a gas powered one. 

  • Greener 

Of course, as is popular with the recent electrification of car trend that is taking place – ATVs are no different – purchasing an electric ATV is a great way to ensure a more sustainable planet going forwards. 

  • Running Costs

Depending how you measure up, what model you get, what you are comparing it to and general consumption of energy (gas vs electric). It would be worth running the numbers to your circumstances to see which comes out on top. 

  • Torque 

With it being electric, you can supply your quad with near instant acceleration. Again, compare model by model but you might also find that not only is your electric vehicle cheaper to run but also outperforms the gas counterpart as well. 

  • Learning 

When it comes to electric ATVs they are much easier and quicker to grasp ‘on how it works’ compared to a new gas ATV – making them much more ‘beginner friendly’ – and all round safer too. 

Charging an electric ATV

The downside is of course, that it can take longer for a quad to charge up. But, simply leave it charging the night before you plan on using it (or every night, if you use it every day) and it really shouldn’t cause much of a problem if the performance specs are right. 

Factors You Need to Consider

Clearly, every model is different and you need to think about what’s important to you for riding from a practical point of view and see how all the models match up. 

Here are a few aspects to consider: 

  • Do you want the ATV to be compatible with attachments? 

If your plan is to make this a ‘working’ ATV then you will need to consider if you can attach a plough, spreader, trailer and more. This should be made clear on the model you are looking at and ideally the brand of electric ATV you are looking offers the attachments also. 

  • Can it take your body mass? 

This combined with the power of the vehicle is a good indicator of whether the ATV is intended for an Adult or Kid. Take a look at the weight spec. And whether this is something can hold you and any additional weight that you might want to use it carry any equipment. 

  • Motor and Battery Size

Generally speaking for most adults looking to invest in a decent quality electric ATV you want to be looking around the 500w and above mark. The more experienced riders going up to 1000w. For kids, there is generally a recommended age limit and typically end up working on a Volt structure for the toddlers (e.g. 6v, 12v and 24v). 

  • Where are you going to drive it? 

There is of course, the legal aspect that you need to consider too. Is the vehicle you are purchasing road legal? If not, where is the most appropriate place you can ride it? Do you have permission? How will you get it there? These are all considerations that you need to take from a practical perspective. 

  • How does it charge?

If you can, check out online reviews and video reviews of the specific model you are taking a look at and then you can consider aspects such as the above. How does it actually charge? Does it come with all the additional equipment you need or is there something you need to get extra?

  • Where will you keep it?

Where’s it going to live? What’s the dimensions of the electric all terrain vehicle, and does the place you have for it, going to be able to accommodate it. 

  • Warranty Coverage

When comparing models (and this goes for buying new versus buying second hand too), what is the coverage of the vehicle and what exactly is the guarantee on? Is it on the battery specifically, the drive train or on the motor? Some of the more reputable brands tend to have a much more comprehensive and extensive coverage than typical cheaper brands tend to. 

If you are getting second hand as opposed to brand new also – what aspects are you backed up from that perspective as well. 

Our Top 5 Favourite Electric Quad Bikes

Let’s take a quick look at what we deem the best electric quadbikes for you to investigate (this list is likely to be updated in the future):

1. Funbikes T-Max Roughrider 1000w

As you will know from the above – one of the main advantages of electric quad bikes is their noise or rather lack of.

This 1000w Roughrider is a great all around ATV, that produces practically no noise. As per the name, it is powered by a 1000w hi-torque motor – that actually allows for a rather impressive claimed 27kph top speed.

Ideal for a junior who is steadily progressing from the smaller quads to the teenage and more adult quadbikes.

2. Funbikes Bambino 250w

Perfect if you are looking for a quadbike to get a little one started on.

In essence, you can really call these mini quad bikes that operate on a 24volt architecture and is great for both on road as well as some of road fun.

Plus, you get a rather impressive up to 40 minutes drive time. In terms of age group – it is recommended for those between 3-5 that also of course comes with adult supervision.

3. Funbikes Toxic 800W

An all round great quad bike to progress the littles ones on to.

As you have guessed it offers an 800w motor with a 36v 12ah battery specification meaning you get around 45 minutes to 2 hours run time and takes about 3 to 4 times that to charge.

There are three specific speed modes that can be set at 5mph, 8mph and finally 13mph.

4. Teen Pro

Two models of the Teen Pro are the following:

  • Teen Pro 800
  • Teen Pro 1600

The former aimed at those between the ages of 8-14 and the latter for the ages of 8-16 years.

So you will get more use out of the 1600 model but of course, bear in mind that the motor is literally double that of the former and does come with a price tag to reflect that also.

5. Explorer

If you are looking for an electric quad bike for adults. Then we don’t think you have to look much further than what the Explorer Adult Quad Bike has to offer you.

Available in three different models:

  • Explorer
  • Explorer S
  • Explorer GT

You will see there are various differences between all three with the main step up being from the Explorer to the Explorer S & GT.

The latter two being more powerful as well as actually physically larger in size too. You can see the difference in accessories just from the look as well with more headlights etc.

In all, a lot of fun yet provides a “virtually silent” performance so as you go over fields, you won’t upset the local livestock or neighbours for that matter.

Definitely worth checking out. We would also like to give an honorary mention to the EcoCharger quadbikes too – they are definitely worth exploring also.

Of course, these are just some of the aspects you want to consider – but hopefully from the above list we have given you some food for though on a potential consideration that you might not have thought about previously. 

Let us know if you have any questions with regards to the Electric quad bikes guide in the comments below. Is there anything that you think we might have missed, that you would also have as a consideration – and if you are going to get an electric quad – what model are you going for? We’d love to see what you’re getting in the comments below. 

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