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Best Electric Pit Bikes & Electric Dirt Bikes 2021

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The electric pit bike is growing in popularity, and has done over the last few years – you can head to that clever Google tool: Google Trends to see that in action.

See here if you are interested.  

And there are a few good reasons for why they are becoming increasingly sought after as well:

i) They are often a lot easier to maintain than their gas counterparts. 

ii) You just need to charge them up rather than refuel (which can be quite convenient) 

iii) Not to mention they also offer some seriously impressive performance too. 

So what do you need to consider when making a potential purchase? 

That’s what we hope to uncover in this post today. 

What will you learn:

  • What to look for when choosing between different types of electric pit bikes?
  • What is suitable for kids and adults? 
  • Where can you buy electric pit bikes? 

What to look for? 

When it comes to determining what the right electric pit bike is for you – then there are a range of aspects you need to work through. 

Let’s run through them: 

Motor Size

Measured in wattage as well as voltage. The higher wattage allows essentially for more power and ultimately what this translates into is performance.

The motor will have the most bearing on how fast you want it to go as well as the battery aspect for the endurance.

You essentially want to work out – how fast it can go and how long for?  

Physical Size

It’s good to work out the actual physical size of the bike as well not only for getting on and being suitable for the rider but also for storage purposes. 

Do you plan on keeping it in the garage? 

Transporting it in a truck and so on? 

It’s good to know that it is oversized in any way that makes the rider unsafe or uncomfortable nor do you want the issue of it taking up to much room. 


When you compare most bikes they likely have a lot of ‘unique’ or additional performance features equipped with the bike as well. 

Everything from “shock absorbent” frame technology and twist grip throttles as well as higher performance brake discs and pads.

Each aspect should be considered and researched to make sure the bike performs how you want it. 

For some of the best insights, we find youtube video reviews work well over a specific model and what people have to say on motocross forums (where you will often find us as well) to get deeper insights.  

If you know of a specific model that you have really enjoyed and are wanting to find out more about, please hit us up in the comments section below – we would love to hear from you and know what you’re looking into (others can benefit too). 

What is suitable for kids and adults? 

The give away here tends to be in the actual name of the model of the bike itself. 

You will come across “Kids 500w Dirt bike” and “1500w Pit bike for Kids” – however – we recommend checking the actual brand and specific model as to what the age group is intended at. 

Generally speaking it’s pretty easy to follow as the higher the wattage (often coupled with voltage) and then the more seasoned and older the rider. 

So a 1500w dirt bike is aimed more towards the early teenage years (ten to fourteen) whereas a 500w dirt bike is more for someone who is just venturing out into the world of electric motocross. 

When it comes to electric dirt bikes for adults you can see models anywhere upwards from 2000w with a 60volt architecture. 

It then just becomes a matter of performance specs on how fast and able you want the bike etc. 

Where to Buy? 

Now if you have carried any sort of research so far – you will know that as they are not as common as their gas counterparts – there aren’t that many places that sell them. 

That said, there are a few (at least in the UK). 

As we always recommend, make sure you do your due diligence and research before going right ahead and purchasing. 

Understand what type of size and power you’re wanting with the intended rider in mind (e.g. are they a kid or an adult, do they have a lot of experience and so on).

Now, when it comes to doing the initial scouting – go ahead online and find some specialist stores that offer a range. 

One of our favourite stores is Fun Bikes. 

You can check out their collection of electric pit bikes here. 

Here, you have got a range of models to explore and choose from and get an idea of what you want. We then often recommend taking a next step to see if you can check out the model in person in a nearby store. 

To find a nearby store – simply search something like “pit bikes near me” – then check if they have stock of the specific model that you have your eye on. 

Now, at this stage you should have carried out a fair bit of research and got your eye on a specific model – it is just about finding the right price. 

Do your research online and offline. You might feel confident about getting the model used potentially – we often like to urge on getting some new – but if that’s more your avenue then you have the likes of ebay to check through. 

Otherwise, you can search through specialist stores that offer them. 

Let us know in the comments where your favourite stores are to check out motocross gear and specifically electric pit bikes are for sale. 

What are you thinking about purchasing?

As you can see there are quite a few different aspects to consider when it comes to electric pit bikes – so will be great to know what you got – and what your thought process was. 

We’d love to hear any thoughts you have as well with regards to the above guide and if you have any additional advice for us and our fellow moto enthusiasts (we’re always trying to learn more). 

Of course, if there are any specific models of electric dirt bikes and pit bikes you think we should check out then, please let us know in the comment below. 

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