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Which ATV Seat Cover Do You Need?

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When you own an ATV, it can feel like you can go anywhere. These awesome vehicles give us the ability to travel like never before, and the chance to go to places that we simply couldn’t normally. That’s why they are a favourite of anyone who lives near the countryside or rural areas. Thanks to the impressive and diverse nature of ATVs, too, you can more or less adjust and customise them in any way that you happen to choose. For example, have you ever thought about buying ATV seat covers?

While it might sound like a simple thing to go through with, seat covers are harder to buy than one would assume. With so many choices and so much to think about, it’s very easy to buy the wrong kind of seat cover – yet so incredibly hard to buy the right one. That’s why we put together this simple ATV seat cover buying guide. With the help of this guide, you can make the confusing process of buying a good quality seat cover so much simpler to follow along with.

When you make the right choice, a seat cover can really make a big difference to the way that you drive. If you pick up an ATV seat cover, you need to think about quite a few things, such as:

  • What is it made of? Is it likely to avoid weather damage?
  • How well does the seat cover spread across your ATV? 
  • Could this seat cover be one that you can rely upon for years to come?
  • Is it going to be a suitable choice throughout the year, or just seasonal?

If you take the above into account, then you should definitely find it easier to start looking through the ATV seat covers that are available.

Buying a quality ATV seat cover

So, like most people you probably want to make sure that you don’t waste a dime buying the wrong kind of ATV seat cover. If you worry that you might make this mistake, then let us help you solve that issue as soon as possible. In our guide below, we have carefully selected all of the best options that will make sure you can drive your ATV with a seat that makes a genuine difference.

Take a look at these, and you should find it very easy indeed to start buying ATV seat covers that actually are going to be worth the money that you pay. As we said before, it’s really easy to waste money when you are buying a seat – it’s far easier to spend it well.

That’s what we intend to help you do, though, and we’ll do that by showing you the best place to look when you are trying to buy an ATV seat cover. With the right choice, you really could make your life so much simpler. So where do you start when it comes to buying a seat cover? What are the most important factors to consider?

What is it made of?

So the first thing that you should do when analysing the various options for ATV seat cover is to look at the material it is made of. The material really does matter, as lots of us end up buying seat covers that we heat.

For example, you might go for something that you think looks good – but winds up with you sliding all over the place as you try and take a comfortable seat.

The material matters, then, as it should give you added grip as soon as you place yourself down in the seat. If you are looking to buy a good ATV seat cover, then you definitely have to test out the material first. Read about what it is made from, and then you can head online to find out what people would recommend with regards to this kind of seat cover.

For ATVs, we always recommend that you buy something with UV wear and tear resistance. Seat covers can look pretty washed out after a short space of time if you leave them outside, so keep that in mind. UV protection will help to ensure that this problem can soon become a thing of the pat.

Is it durable?

If you’re doing proper off roading on your ATV then its also a great idea to make sure your new seat cover is properly waterproof. Splashing through puddles and crossing rivers can absolutely soak your ATV, but its what they’re made for! Make sure your seat cover is made for it too as theres nothing worse than trying to dry out seat foam after a ride.

Waterproof ATV seat

Jumping back on your ATV and getting an unexpected wet back side is one of the most unpleasant ways to start a session. It’s well worth avoiding!

Another factor to think about as you look for an ATV seat cover is to look at the durability of the entire seat. Don’t just look at the main part of the seat cover, though – look at the full thing. Some are really strong and durable in the middle, while others are going to be really weak and unprepared around the sides. Look for one that has an all-round level of stability, and you can get a seat cover that is going to give you the kind of value for money that you are looking for.

It’s one of the many reasons why we suggest that you take some time to read into material composition. Sure, it might feel good – but does it maintain any kind of structural integrity?

If the sheet ever becomes damaged, are you going to see a big over-the-top hole forming in the middle of it? You need to keep that in mind. Many people don’t really think about that, and wind up with overly damaged seat covers in about a year. Always look to buy something that has durability on the top, the bottom, and the sides of the seat to ensure you don’t buy something that tears too easily.

Are they finished correctly?

Speaking of the kind of UV damage that can happen to a ATV seat cover, we recommend that you look closely at the finish of the seat. Some look tremendous today, but a bit of UV interaction and they can begin to look tired, cracked, and otherwise damaged. Naturally, you want to try and avoid that problem if you can. So, instead of just buying the first ATV seat cover that you lay eyes on, take the time to look and read into the finish.

Good quality ATV seat covers come with a very impressive finish that ensures that they aren’t going to become needlessly damaged. This can stop you from putting up with car seats that lack any kind of protection from the elements. It’s not just UV damage you need to look out for, though; it’s any kind of impact and contact. If it begins to look cracked, dried, or starts to peel, then you have not bought a good ATV seat cover.

While anything can become damaged, the best ATV seat cover are ones that can take plenty of impact.

How well does it fit?

However, what good is a ATV seat cover if it does not sit right? Make sure that you always look at the overall fit of the seat cover. Make sure you read the size measurements and then make sure that this tallies up with the overall size that you are dealing with. If you can find that the seat is going to be a tight stretch, maybe look for another size up.

Overly tight seat covers will become tight, compressed, and more likely to sustain damage. If you make sure that it can fit well without being too tight, then you should have no problem whatsoever in correcting the issue. A good fitting solution will make sure that you can easily get the most out of your seat covers, giving you something far more impressive than you would normally go for. Buy the wrong one that is too slack, though, and it will simply slide around.

So, as you can imagine, there’s a bit of fiddling around needed to get this to work out as you would have intended. Too tight, and it will tear. Too loose, and it will simply flop around. Fit, though, is of utmost importance.

Value for money

Lastly, make sure that you look around to find out what kind of value you can expect from your purchase. Value for money is always important – and value with a ATV seat cover comes from making sure that it can fit back on and stay on after being taken off. It means making sure that it can handle stains, spills, and reasonable physical damage

More importantly, it means buying an ATV seat cover that is going to still fit your seat properly in two, even three from now. Can you be sure of that with the option you have looked at?

Buying a good quality ATV seat cover

So, as you will no doubt know, the problem with buying an ATV seat cover is that it can suffer from “Goldilocks Syndrome”. It might be just right for the size but made of poor material. It could be made from awesome and comfortable material but slide off in an instant. It could be made from good stuff and fit well, but only seems to have a six-month lifespan…this is arguably the most challenging item to buy for your ATV.

So, with our ATV seat cover buying guide, you should hopefully know what to look out for – and what to avoid.

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