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Best 90cc Pitbikes 2021

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If you’re looking to get your kid into bikes at an early age, a 90cc pitbike is one of the best starting points. This guide will help you work out what to look for in a first bike for new riders.

Pit bikes are available in various engine capacities and frame sizes suitable for very young children all the way up to adults. The 90cc pitbike options are generally geared towards those younger riders looking to cut their teeth on two wheels.

If you’re looking to pick up a bike for a young child of around 6 years old, you will be looking for a bike that has a seat height of around 60-65cm and bikes of this size tend to ride on 10 inch wheels front and back.

You can even find special bolt-on training wheels that will allow even the most inexperienced young riders to get to grips with the joy of riding motorcycles.


Generally speaking, 90cc bikes are based on their 50cc counterparts but with a bit more capacity which allows for a little bit more power low down, and importantly, smoother and more refined power delivery which is confidence inspiring for more inexperienced riders.

Almost all pit bikes feature the 4-stroke single cylinder, air cooled engine arrangement which is tried and tested. Pit bike engines have evolved into very reliable and durable units offering a surprisingly good amount of power for their size.

If you are selecting a bike from a reputable manufacturer, you can be confident that it will stand the test of time providing the maintenance schedule is adhered to.

The power of one of these little engines is ample, especially when the rider is of light weight. They are plenty strong enough to go off-road with and take on some rough terrain if needs be.

90cc pit bikes are able to reach 30mph in standard form when ridden on flat ground, but don’t worry speed restrictors are available so your kid can ease into it.

With some simple modifications you could even tune the bike up to 40-45mph if your child gains confidence down the line and wants a bit more power.

Automatic gearbox

The secret weapon when it comes to learning to ride is the automatic rev and go, or semi-auto gearboxes which are commonly available on 90cc pitbikes.

If you’re trying to get your kid up on two wheels and teach them how to safely control a motorcycle from a young age, these gearboxes are a godsend.

Quite often, younger riders struggle with gears and this can seriously obstruct their opportunity to properly learn bike control and balance. In our experience, it’s far better to save the gears for a later lesson once the child has confidence in the riding.

With the automatic gearbox, your kid can jump on the bike, twist the throttle and go, without any concern for gear shifting and clutch control.

Your kid can get straight to the fun without the frustration of endless stalling and learn all they need to know about how to stay upright on a motorbike.

When they want to stop, they can simply squeeze the brake and the bike will come to a steady halt and idle until the throttle is applied again to set off.

To supplement this automatic gearbox, it’s also good to look for a bike with an electric starter too. If your kid can’t shift gears then they are very unlikely to be able to kick-start a bike if it should cut out or be switched off.

Rounding Up

Teaching your kid how to start and stop their bike will not only be a skill worth possessing for them, but it will save you, as a parent, a lot of running around restarting engines.

When shopping for a 90cc kids dirt bike, it’s always wise to look out for the best safety features as nothing will put your child off biking more than getting hurt, and of course it’s a parents nightmare.

It’s advised to stick to reputable suppliers of these products to avoid ending up with cheap imitations which have not undergone the same rigours of testing and development.

Picking up a 90cc pit bike for your child could be the start of something great and lead to many hours of fun, trust-building, and bonding.

Let us know what you think the best 90cc pit bike model is and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

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