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5 Best 140cc Pit Bikes to Pick Up the Pace in 2022

Have you got a little one who is getting bigger, who is looking to pick up the pace in the world of pit bikes? We know it all too well as well. 

In today’s post, we want to share four of our favourite 140cc pit bikes for kids that you can check out in your own time, which we definitely recommend for those getting into the mid-teens. 

Generally speaking, and when you look at the brand and manufacturer recommendations specifically, a 140cc equates to age around 14 plus. Again, it is definitely at the parent’s discretion (who this article is written for) and of course, how long the child has been riding and what their overall skill level is. 

If they are brand new to the world of dirt bikes, then maybe hold off a bit before purchase, on the other hand, if you have been involving them in the world of dirt bikes since they could walk, then they are going to get used to being able to handle the extra power very quickly.

So let’s get right to it. Here are our top five 140cc Pit bikes that we recommend you check out that we are going to break down in more detail below: 

  1. M2R Racing KMXR140 140cc
  2. M2R Racing RF140SM 140cc
  3. Stomp Z3-140 Big Wheel Pit Bike
  4. Thumpstar 140 Pit Bike
  5. WPB Race 140 Pit Bike

M2R KMXR140 

For those who are looking for an all-round great value option to get your kid, then really, you can’t go far wrong with this great 140cc pit bike. 

First off, you can tell from the aesthetics that it certainly looks the part, available in at least a couple of colours, I’ve mainly seen it in Red and Green. However, you get a decent bike for your money. 

Integrated with a four-stroke 140cc engine from YX motorsports, the aspect that I particularly like is the gearbox being fitted with a “racing sequence” to give enhanced performance and a ‘grittier’ feel to the bike. It operates from one gear to the next and you can actually kick start it off in gear too. 

For those who have used a CRF50 in the past, you will get very used to this bike, fast given it is based on the same structure, however, just a bit bigger in size and designed to be a bit more comfortable especially when you sit down. 

In all, a great little option to consider. 

M2R Racing RF140SM

This bike is what we would simply consider as a fair upgrade to the KMXR140 we just mentioned. Certainly for a skilled rider and the recommended age is typically 16 plus. 

Although this is a 140cc engine, it packs a lot of power and what is referred to as ‘track ready’ meaning this is a bike that wants to be taken to a dirt track and not just rode around in the backfields. 

It offers the YX1400 engine and is based on a CRF110 model base and offers a “Bik Brake System” along with a range of other protective great from crash bobbins and everything you would typically expect from a track bike. 

You will see them typically advised for the additional purchase or specific race tyres as well as tyre warmers for those who are wanting to go on track with it. 

Stomp Z3-140 Big Wheel Pit Bike

A bit more on the expensive but this Stomp Z3-140 is pretty popular and for good reason. It offers its own exclusive Z40 cam engine which is the YX40 engine we talked about above. However, then they like to alter it a fit by fettling the engine with a valve spring as well as offering a race cam. 

This then gives it that extra 2HP to the engine according to them. The result seems to be a nice acceleration as well as a top speed boost. This allows for a 140cc engine to pack a pretty nice boost, plus it’s a pretty cost-effective engine to be running too. 

You will typically see it in the neon graphics which is a pretty subtle look but your kid should be more than happy with none the less.  

Thumpstar 140 Pit Bike 

This is another great bike that certainly deserves to be on the list. There is a 125cc, 140cc and 190cc model, so you can choose what you’re wanting in that regard. 

It’s a pretty upcoming brand and there are a lot of good things to be said about THumpstar as a whole. The only real question seems to come about with its size. Although it is claimed to be a pit bike, some (including ourselves) seem to think it is on the larger size with a seat height of 88cm as well as 17-14 wheels. 

Nonetheless, though a very nice bike that is well worth considering

WPB Race 140 Pit Bike

Then, of course, it is definitely well worth considering the Welsh Pit Bike 140cc option who is well known for producing some of the leading pit bikes in the UK and their 140cc is no exception. 

What I like is the general value for money aspect that you seem to be getting with a decent 17hp Dyno race-tested engine, so it’s pretty darn quick off the mark. It’s pretty similar to the Thumpstart in a lot of respects with regards to wheel size and other specifications. 

It more than looks the part too! 

Hopefully, from the above, you have got some inspiration from the 140cc pit bikes on offer and can narrow down a choice for you and your kid to see what best suits them. Of course, if you know of any other pit bikes that you definitely think should be making this but we have missed out on them, then by all means leave them In the suggestions down in the comments section below. We’d love to hear them and it will benefit future readers as well. 

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