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110cc Pit Bike (UK Guide)

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If you’ve landed on this post – high chances are you are interested in purchasing a 110cc Pit bike for a kid (or maybe even yourself)?

Well, if that’s the case – you certainly are in the right place. 

Here we are going to discuss the following: 

  • Who is ideal for a 110cc Pit Bike? 
  • What brands and models are available?
  • Where can you buy one? 

Now let’s ride straight into it. 

So who is a 110cc Pit Bike Meant For? 

We recommend that you check out the specific model and brands’ recommendation of who the bike is intended for. 

That said, it’s generally intended for an entry level – for a smaller, or lower level experienced rider. 

Be sure to check the specific frame size depending on who the bike is for, but at 110cc the bikes are usually catering for younger teens or inexperienced adult riders. More experienced adult riders generally don’t these sort of powered bikes and start at 125cc and up

Again, it is worth checking the specific model and what they recommend as being a rider for their bike and if you are unsure don’t hesitate to reach out. 

If you’d like – mention it down in the comments section below and we will see if we can find out as well to help you. 

What brands offer 110cc Pit Bikes? 

One key aspect of 110cc Pit bikes you might have noticed is that at least from searching through a fair few models is that they aren’t as in large abundance as other sizes – however we encourage you to do a bit of a good bit of research as they are out there. 

Here’s some of our favourites: 

  • M2R Racing KX110F 110cc Pit Bike

This is for sure one of the our favourites to recommend for those after a 110cc Pit bike. Find out the full details right here It’s perfect for those who aren’t yet taking motocross to seriously and what a relatively inexpensive entry point but still packs a bunch of fun and gives a true taste of what motocross is all about (that said it is not mean for jumping -but it can handle tough terrain). 

It offers a 110cc high performance kick start 4 stroke engine based on manual gears with a M2R rear shock hydraulic system as well as an engine bash plate to protect it. You can find out the full details above. Plus, it sort of looks badass for a smaller model. 

  • WPB Boyo Welsh Pit Bike

If you are looking for a pit bike to pack a punch then the WPB 110cc Boyo pit bike does just that. A sure fire bang for your buck option. Be sure to check out the full specifications here

However, you will see that it offers sSR 110cc Lifan high output  speed N1234 gearbox,double foam race filter and All up transmissions for no false neutrals.  They describe it as a similar size to the Honda CRF50 for those after a size comparison. 

  • Stomp 110cc Juicebox 

A rather famous and relatively cheap pit bike that adults and children alike have been enjoying riding on for a while. Equipped with a Dyno & Race tested engine and N1234 all up gear box as well as high capacity race ignition coil it can ‘set off’. 

It’s fitted with a “race engineered” frame and 260mm 1000lb rear shock suspension. When it comes to wheels they are fitted with 10” rear and 12” front  MX Innova pattern tyres. Be sure to find out more right here

Are there any models that you really like that you think should be listed above? If so, we’d love to hear them in the comments section. 

Where can you get hold of one? 

Now before you go straight into choosing any pit bike you need to carry out a bit of research and due diligence. 

And you’re in the right place for that. 

Explore a range of 110cc pit bikes and options that are available to you. When browsing them have a few aspects in mind that can you help whittle out contenders. 

For instance, if you have a certain budget, whether you are wanting a new model as opposed to a used model etc. 

So you can head to specialist online stores as well as Pit Bike forums and motocross blogs as well as for such as this to get a better wind and understanding of what’s actually out there. 

After this stage, you should have a few key models in mind, be sure to check out reviews on them (especially youtube videos if you can for a more intuitive experience of what the bike is actually like).

Now, if you can, we recommend checking these out in person at a local Pit Bike shop – so you can get an actual feel of the bike. You can often find them at normal bike shops too.

Not always available, but if it is available as an option to you – this is one I recommend you definitely take up. 

At the final stage, you basically know at least 1 or 2 models that are pretty much perfect for you (or more precisely the kid you’re buying for). 

Now, it’s just a stage of getting the best price and that’s best done by exploring both online and offline opportunities. Don’t be afraid to get on the phone to specialist stores etc. 

If you are after a second hand used model some good obvious sites in the UK are Gumtree and ebay that often present a bargain or two to be had. 

Do you take a step further than the plan above or jump straight into choosing a model? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d be grateful to hear about your experience.  

What model are you going to choose? 

Hopefully the above post has given you some food for thought and you’ve come across a bit of advice or information that has been helpful. 

If you have any advice as well as tips and tricks from your experience we would love to hear it..

Plus, if you are considering getting a 110cc Pit bike – then please let us know which model you are going for and why – we’d love to know. 

Hopefully, it can help out some other interested readers too. Give us some suggestions of the best 110c Pitbikes you know.

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